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We love small scale manufacturers and their microfactories.

Simply describe your cash conversion cycle to our system and access business finance from R1000 up to R1 million. It has never been easier to meet your capital needs.

Check eligibility Interest rates from 9.5% to 20%

Riovic Biz is a financial technology platform that harnesses the power of machine learning to provide access to finance to small scale manufacturers and microfactories.

Only 1% of SMMEs in South Africa access formal financing creating a credit gap of between R86b to R346b which provides a compelling, largely untapped market opportunity for innovative funders who are able to develop new lending models and risk assessment tools tailored to address the challenges of this complex and burgeoning market.

Why Riovic Biz?

Quick approval

Our algorithm assesses every capital request and is empowered to make instant decisions based on investment viability and company credit score, credit history, track record, liquidity and profitability prospects.

Paperless process

Our approval process is completely online with no physical visit required. You just need to fill in your company and director details and you’re done! Physical documentation may only be needed in some instances.

Safe and secure

With us you can worry less about security and focus more on your loan requirements. Our ultra-safe encrypted systems, relentlessly work to secure your information and we use it to get you a loan, nothing else!

Get Started

Riovic will initially calculate an internal credit score for your business based on your company's expenditure, balance sheet, profit and loss and years in business.

This credit score will not result in unfair discrimination of your business but is meant to assist the platform in decision making and will develop the more you borrow and repay your loans.

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